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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Open Letter to PBS

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Dear PBS,

Why, oh why do you not give us, America, Americans, an intelligent nighttime talk show along the lines of the old "Dick Cavett Show"?

It was intelligent and adult and calm and elucidating and different and erudite, frequently funny and dependably, reliably wonderful.

We could do it again.

You could do it. You could do it again.

Go, find a new, the new Dick Cavett of and for our age.

Someone intelligent and educated but not off-putting who can and would, night after night, have wonderful, insightful conversations with people from all kinds of backgrounds. A brilliant, witty person who also isn't a sycophant to or about his guests. Someone both sophisticated and folksy who can and would relate to the most educated and most common of us all, the way Mr. Cavett did, night after night.

No one is doing anything remotely like it. It would be one of a kind, for sure. The other, major networks certainly aren't going to do it. You'd be all by yourself.

Again, you can do this. And only you can or would do it. Please. It would be, like the original, wildly successful.

We'll beg, if we must.

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