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Sunday, May 6, 2018

You Must Go to the Wornall House

I've lived in the Kansas City area more than 35 years. Heck, I was only born an hour North in St. Joseph but I've lived here for years. And in all that time, I've driven by the old Wornall House on Wornall Road more times than I can count. Heck, I now live in the neighborhood. Again.

So yesterday, I'm driving by, yet again, when I see what are likely Civil War re-enactors on the lawn. It's Saturday. I have my chores done. I decided I have time so I park the car and go.

Am I ever glad I did.

If you have either never been or it's been a long time? Go. Go back. It's a terrific education. The original Wornall family did more to help develop this city and area than you have any idea. And the ties to even JC Nichols and his development of the Plaza, the family ties to Liberty and William Jewell College, local banks, all of it. Fascinating.

Here are just a few of the shots I took, on the outside. This is on the front porch.

A soldier and an officer's tent.

The inside of said tent.

More of the re-enactors.

I'm telling you, you'll get a terrific, fast national education on the Civil War and even the nation, as well as one more on the state of Missouri, the region, the Missouri-Kansas border war, slavery and area, all. Seriously fascinating.

Then, when that's done, either same day or some other time, maybe some other weekend, make a point to go to the Majors house at 82nd and State Line Road. It's under the same non-profit organization and can give you more information and history, at least, if not also entertainment.


John Wornall House Museum

Majors House - The Alexander Majors House Museum

Home - Wornall Majors House Museums

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