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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Where Trump Stands Just Now

The political blog "Wake Up to Politics" reports the following two polls regarding the nation's opinions on President Trump.

Washington Post/ABC poll released Wednesday
  • 61% say Trump fired Comey to protect himself, 27% say he did it for the good of the country
  • 72% have some or no trust in Trump's word on Russia, 21% have a great deal or good amount of trust in it
  • 55% have some or no trust in Comey's word on Russia, 36% have a great deal or good amount in it
  • 56% say Trump is trying to interfere in the Russia investigation, 34% say he is cooperating
Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday
  • 34% approve of Trump's job performance, 57% disapprove
  • 59% say Trump is not honest, 36% say he is
  • 32% say Trump did nothing wrong relating to Russia, 31% say Trump did something illegal relating to Russia, 29% say he did something unethical but not illegal
  • 40% say Trump aides did something illegal relating to Russia, 25% say they did something unethical but not illegal, 24% say they did nothing wrong
  • 54% say Trump is too friendly with Russia, 38% say he has the right relationship with Russia, 3% say he is too unfriendly
  • 68% say they are very or somewhat concerned about Trump's relationship with Russia
I thought both polls insightful. They seem to make two things clear.

First, though Mr. Trump did get officially elected President (in spite of not getting the majority popular vote), the American people are not stupid but are, in fact, "wise" to Mr. Trump.

Second, Mr. Trump is in a world of political and popular hurt. Deserved, certainly, but still, he is. And keep in mind, this is still very, very early in this Presidency.

Today's testimony by and from former FBI head James Comey should be very insightful, also, and colorful, at the very least.

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