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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Huge Changes Coming To Us All

Have you read about these mergers and purchases lately?

Amazon to Buy Whole Foods 

for $13.4 Billion

It seems Amazon is going to control a great deal of our otherwise retail purchases and purchasing. Up to now, it's been hard goods. Now they look to be getting extremely serious about the food markets, too.

It had a huge, nearly immediate effect on markets and companies, too.

With this one purchase, suddenly they're huge, nationally, in the food business.

Here's a good share of the reason for it all.

Meanwhile, retail and retail stores and retail buying all over the nation are getting also hammered, along with their stock prices.

What this means is that no one really knows where we're headed Well, except that we're headed online, more and yet more all the time.

And it's all kinds of stores right down to the dollar stores.

Besides reshaping retail and how and why we buy, it also means what our communities and cities look like and how they're built.

Shopping centers look to entertainment, 

recreation to fill empty


Of course there's money--lots of big money--in health care so why wouldn't this happen, right?

The fact is, stores and business and retail and so, our cities and our lives are changing and the changes are coming and will be coming at us fast. Very, very fast. 

It's a lot like the current Presidential Administration.

Completely unpredictable.

Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen. It's going to be a bumpy ride.


Not done there, there was also this, just this week. Not as big but still significant.

And for a bit of fun:

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