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Sunday, June 4, 2017

We Think of Ourselves as Peace-Loving People

I think that, if you asked most Americans, they would say and agree we are, in fact, a "peace-loving" people. Definitely.

But there is this--

The U.S. Is Still No.1 at 

Selling Arms to the World

And this--

And this--

And that's all external to the nation. This is how we are internally--

Which brings us today to this latest study.


The title seems clumsy since it's ranking "most peaceful" yet we are, nationally, down to the number 114 spot. 

A brief summary of the study:

"The U.S. declined the most in an annual study of global peace that cites political turbulence, deteriorating press freedom, a public perception of increasing crime and corruption, and less acceptance of minorities... The U.S. dropped 11 places to the 114th most peaceful country out of 161 in the index published by The Institute of Economics and Peace."

So note:  we're at the 114th spot OUT OF 161 NATIONS. We're in the bottom half. And WE DROPPED 11 PLACES from the previous study.


Armenia and Rwanda are just in front of America on the list, El Salvador and China follow.

And who are the "most peaceful" nations?

“Iceland remains the most peaceful country in the world, a position it has held since 2008. It is joined at the top of the index by New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, and Denmark.

Huh. All Socialist Democracies. Imagine that. Them and all their greater wealth equality. Looks clearly like it does make a difference after all.

And that's not all.

Most U.S. allies are in the top-20 of the index, including Canada, Japan, Australia, Ireland and Germany.

Again. All Socialist.

Go figure.

Oh, and let's not forget. All hail, the NRA.


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