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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Breaking News: Another Mass Shooting

One of the people injured in the shooting is pictured being treated by paramedics

News is breaking this morning that there is yet another mass shooting here in our country.

Congressman Steve Scalise, Four Others Shot at Alexandria, Virginia, Baseball Field

Fortunately, as of reports just now, no one was killed.

So here we go again. Republicans will say this isn't the time to talk about it, about guns and the facts that we have too many, etc. Then they will do nothing. And the shootings and killings will go on, unabated. It's what gets us headlines like the following, also breaking today and we're not yet fully 1/2 way through the year.

The GOP baseball shooting is the 154th 
mass shooting this year

Let's keep in mind that it was just this year those same Republicans in Congress voted to let the mentally unstable keep weapons, too.

House Votes To Overturn Obama Rule 


Gun Sales To The

 Severely Mentally Ill

Senate Blocks Obama-Era Rule 

Tightening Checks On Mentally Ill

Congress Says, Let the Mentally Ill 

Buy Guns

Ironically and hypocritically, here's one legislator's response to today's shooting.

Here are the facts, the simple, facts. And the two are connected. Directly.

Too. Many. Guns.

We have not just too many guns but far too many guns in our nation. We have more than any other industrialized nation. This is what it gets us.

How long, America? How long until we wake up? How long until we stop this insanity?


bjohn268 said...

Less gun control! More Bernie Sanders' supporter control! For public safety, we must license, register and monitor his voters.

Anonymous said...

What we have are too many Bernie Bro's.