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Saturday, January 24, 2015

That Republican Keystone XL "Jobs Bill"?

Check out what the Republican Keystone XL "jobs bill" won't have in it (from The Daily Kos and Bloomberg News):.

Senate Republicans Block Keystone Export and Steel Amendments

Republicans like to point to Keystone XL as one of their signature jobs bills and, when oil prices are high, like to imply that it would mean cheap oil flowing free in America. But Tuesday afternoon they voted down two Democratic amendments aimed at just those issues.
Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey's amendment to the Keystone bill would have prohibited oil shipped through the pipeline from being exported. It was killed by a 57 to 42 vote. Minnesota Sen. Al Franken's amendment would have required that the pipeline be built with American steel. It was killed by a 53 to 46 vote.
Nice, huh?

First they won't promise the oil will stay in the US---because, of course, they're "Big Oil" overlords that own them don't want that. They want this stuff going out to the world oil markets where they can make more money than if they sell it to us Americans.

And then make it out of US steel?


Really could they be more shallow or transparent? It is precisely what it's been described all along. That is, it is foreign, Canadian oil, crossing the US and our pastures and fields and rivers and streams and creeks---and the huge, very important Ogallala aquifer--and then going out to world oil markets. And sure, for a short while we'll have some construction jobs but then it will create between 35 to 50 permanent jobs, tops. The CEO of the oil company, Transcanada, said as much, very publicly. 

This is not for you, America.

Let's not kid ourselves.

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