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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The More Common but Tragic Racism

"The vast majority of poor people and people of color whose lives have been lost to this inhumane system are never shot or beaten by police. They are not victims of unlawful abuse that can be caught on camera or ferreted out through federal investigation. They are victims of a lawful system of mass incarceration. . . . For every police shooting, tens of thousands of lives will be destroyed by a legal process that wreaks far more havoc on our most vulnerable communities than the illegal use of excessive force by police. . . .The battle for equal justice will only be won when we demand equal treatment in every aspect of our justice system. We must muster outrage over the routine dehumanization that happens in our criminal-justice system, rather than reserve it for the most extraordinary instances of injustice, if we are to maintain a movement for change."

--Jonathan Rapping, lawer and legal defense advocate, author

Links:  Jonathan Rapping — MacArthur Foundation

Jonathan A. Rapping | Harvard Law School

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