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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Poem: From an Iraq War Veteran

Maybe a poem for the American people:

I Hate: A Poem

I hate being a veteran of war
I hate the constant triggers
I hate the never ending avoidance of emotions
I hate the constant reminders of what I’ve lost
I hate that I’m not alone in my pain
I hate that people say “Thank you for your service”
I hate that the VA does little to help the people they serve
I hate that Americans still crave war
I hate that our children play war video games
I hate that every day is a day of pain and anger
I hate that so many of us take our own lives because the pain is too much
I hate that there are no reparations I can make to fix my faults
I hate that I cry whenever I think about Iraq
I hate that I can’t fully express the anguish and resentment I feel
I hate that this poem may only get read once before you close your laptop and move on to something less painful

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. I wrote this poem this morning after trying to fill out even more VA compensation paperwork and seeing one too many commercials for preventing veteran suicide and for the new film "American Sniper". Life just becomes so overwhelming at times, and poetry is one of the few ways I can express my feelings in a way that is safe for me. 
We must never forget.

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