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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The GOP, Their Leadership In Congress and Where We Go From Here

I love this article

GOP leaders staring at cliffs

Boehner, McConnell have big plans and big obstacles.

I'll cut to the chase, so to speak. Of the entire article, this is the part that intrigues and involves me most:

The highway trust fund will become insolvent in May, and federally funded infrastructure projects across America will grind to a halt if nothing is done. Congress will have to work out a new funding mechanism — the gas tax has not been raised since 1993, and fuel-efficient cars have steadily decreased its buying power. Raising the tax is politically difficult, so Boehner, McConnell and the transportation chairmen will have to work out another funding mechanism — or turn to another unpopular general fund bailout, rather than risk a construction shutdown.

This Highway Trust Fund needs so much money it's beyond thought. Our infrastructure needs so much attention. We have so many highways, bridges and airports and so much infrastructure that needs reworking and improving and updating, it's nearly staggering.

Fortunately and rather ironically, we're at a time when, not only do all these things need so much attention but with oil per barrel and per gallon, at the pump, is so low, it would seem it's the perfect time to increase this gas tax so we can fund this infrastructure and so, the country and our commerce.

It used to be government representatives would legislate and act for the betterment and best of the nation, of the country. But as we've seen of particularly the Republican Party in the last few decades at least and especially since our current president was elected, they legislate and put their party first, country be damned.

And that's where we are today.

What should be easy and intelligent legislation for the country and for the people becomes complicated and difficult, if not impossible, for these people. Their biggest fear is that this president would be successful and so, that they might suffer. 

It used to be if the country was successful, that was your goal in government, no matter your position. Not so now. These people are downright fearful that, should President Obama be successful, should the US profit and grow during this time frame, they would be hurt. The last thing they want is to come close to doing anything, anything whatever, that would create a second Franklin Roosevelt. They never forgot the lesson of FDR and the Great Depression. He was successful and what did that get them?  They were out of favor with the voters for at least 40 years.

So screw you, America. The Republican Party must come first. 

If you're still here after all this, once they're finally back in the White House, then they might consider doing something for you. Something for Mr. and Mrs. Working Man and Woman of the nation. 

Like a jobs bill.

Or like the infrastructure needed to make the nation work.

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