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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Keeping in mind it's National Teacher Appreciation Day and Week

Kansas State Representative Paul Davis makes an excellent point today, on his Facebook page:

"Kansas Teachers rank 47th out of 50 for...wages, making just $804 a week.

That's before any more is taken out of their check and puts Kansas teachers just ahead of...Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma."

Teacher Appreciation Week Post #3: This image came from the @[445430235539544:274:Kansas Center for Economic Growth]. Kansas ranks among the worst in the country for teachers’ average wages. This is probably one of the reasons why 50% of our teachers change professions within five years of starting their career. We have got to change this, and it starts with restoring funding to Kansas public education. Unfortunately, Governor Brownback's tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations have made this impossible.

So, Kansans, I ask you, is this REALLY what you want for your children?

Is this really what you want for your state?

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