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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The US debt is where now??

Important breaking national, economic and financial news today:

From the article:

Bloomberg reporter John Detrixhe reports:

Total indebtedness including that of federal and state governments and consumers has fallen to 3.29 times gross domestic product, the least since 2006, from a peak of 3.59 four years ago, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Private- sector borrowing is down by $4 trillion to $40.2 trillion.

The original story is from Bloomberg News.


So this president is a "big spending Democrat", eh?

He's taking us straight to the gates of hell, one way or another, on spending, right?

Now that we see this, could we please, please get off all the bogus, emotional, untrue, unimportant stories about the IRS going after one group or another or the equally bogus one about some Benghazi cover-up, that's been shown to be untrue and all the others?

Could we please, please get and have a jobs bill from this Congress, once and for all?

Could we please get America--all of America--back to work?

Is that so much to ask?

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