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Friday, May 10, 2013

New, far higher levels of stupidity out of Missouri yesterday

Holy cow, Missouri.  What in the world are you doing? Trying to "out-dumb" Kansas.

Check out the latest, y'all:

The rocket scientists down there in Jefferson City passed a bill yesterday to "nullify all federal gun laws", if you can believe that.

Then, to make it worse, they didn't stop there:

The Republican-controlled Missouri Legislature passed the nation's most extreme gun protection bill, along with bans on Islamic law and the United Nations sustainability agenda, during a late-night session Wednesday.

Someone needs to tell the Republican clowns at the state capitol there's something called the Supremacy Clause and that it is--hello?--in the national US Constitution.

And naturally, it gets worse, they didn't stop there:

Under the gun measure, lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to nullify all federal gun laws in the state, while allowing some teachers to carry guns in schools. The bill also says some teachers who do not carry guns can be fired, while providing them with limited arrest powers.

The gun bill's passage followed passage of the sustainability and Sharia, or Islamic law, bans.

But wait!  There's more! There's much, much more!

Under the terms of the gun bill, all federal gun laws would be banned in Missouri; enforcing such laws would be a misdemeanor, a change from a previous provision that made enforcement a felony. The bill would allow for the open carry of all guns 16 inches or smaller in the state.

The legislation also has provisions to allow school districts to designate teachers and administrators as "school protection officers," with rights to carry guns and provide security services during the school day. Under the terms of the law, a teacher who is designated to carry a gun, but does not bring one, could be fired. School protection officers also could detain for up to four hours anyone they believe is violating the law, before turning the individual over to law enforcement.
Doctors are prohibited, under the bill, from asking about gun ownership during exams. (The American Academy of Pediatrics urges the question to promote child safety.)

Fortunately, there are some silver linings to these rather stupid clouds.  First, this:

Rep. Stacey Newman (D-St. Louis) told her colleagues they had turned Missouri into a "laughing stock."

And then this:

The gun bill passed with enough votes to override a veto by Nixon, but it could bring legal challenges. United States Attorney General Eric Holder last week warned Kansas officials that their new state law that says federal gun laws do not apply to guns within the state made in Kansas was unconstitutional, a charge Kansas officials deny.

State legislature? Work on, say, getting I-70 expanded, repaved and improved, made safer for millions of Missourians and Americans?   Nah.  Legislate on guns, guns and more guns and the bogeyman that is Sharia Law, instead.

So okay, Kansas, now it's your turn. Return the "stupid volley."  Hit it back to us. How ignorant can you get and be now, with this challenge?

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