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Monday, January 26, 2009

We can't lose this

So here we are, in the worst economic situation in the last 40 or more years and everyone knows it.

We have a new President who has the American people behind him.

His administration is busting their collective hump, so to speak, to create and exercise the best plan they can come up with, in hopes of saving our financial souls.

And what are the Republicans' response?

Just this moment, they're stalling and threatening to block the development.

I got to thinking about this.

With Republicans in such low standing with the American people, given their track record in the last 8 years, they want to take a stand. They still want to exercise some control. They want to be effective and thought well of.

But here we are, on the edge of a devastating economic crisis, with countries like Britain and Iceland broke--not unlike us, in actuality--and the Republicans think we can delay an economic recovery package.

The bad thing, for the Republicans, is that they're at their lowpoint in popularity.

They may deserve it but, naturally, they don't like it and want to make a comeback and, admittedly, want to do and be something positive for the country.

The fact is, Republicans have a vested interest in having our new President fail--unequivocally.

If President Obama if successful, forget the "Contract with America" and any other plan Republicans come up with.

The Republican Party would be devastated for decades.

And they know this.

Fortunately, for Democrats--and the country--the Republicans know that, if they block an economic recovery plan--even if they delay it--any difficult or ugly consequences would also doom them and their party.

They are, truly, between a figurative rock and a hard place.

They can't afford for this new President to succeed.

None of us can afford him to lose.

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