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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Can you say "delusional"?

Last evening, I saw this headline and article, in the Kansas City Star, by William Kristol, on now Former (thank God) President George W. Bush and his administration and tenure, saying, literally, "A Tribute to a Job Done Well and Faithfully".

Are you effin' kidding me?

Good God.

The man wrecked our Constitution, thrusted the government more into people's personal lives than any other President or government official--including J. Edgar Hoover--spent more money than any other President in the history of the country, ran up more debt than any other President in the history of the United States, took us into an unnecessary war, took us into that same, unnecessary war by misrepresenting information to us, the American people, took us into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of approximately 70 years earlier, at least in part, by not regulating business and banking and so much more and Bill Kristol gives a tribute to this clown, dolt and buffoon.



The guy must be very nearly out of his mind or just simply delusional.

The above complaints are facts and matter-of-fact, they aren't opinions. All those things are what George Bush did and where he's left us.

For instance, in the article, Mr. Kristol says Mr. Bush "shouldered the burdens of office for the past 8 years."

In a word, Mr. Kristol, bullshit.

Mr. Bush himself said the last 8 years weren't a burden of any kind--at all. He said this at his last press conference, publicly.

George Walker Bush didn't have enough imagination and/or depth to take on the burdens of this country.

You want proof?


The war in Iraq.

Attacking Iraq.

Unilaterally attacking Iraq.

Attacking Iraq against and in spite of international law.

Misrepresenting facts, in order to attack Iraq.

Ignoring the deaths, pain and suffering that his Iraq war created, for both Americans and Iraqis.

His repsonse to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the gulf states.

And so much more.

Mr. Kristol gave Mr. Bush credit, in the article, for staying with and behind Israel and I understand that.

But too much of everything else Mr. Bush did was against the country, against international law, against right, against decency and against the American people.

George Walker Bush was for corporations and for corporate profits and that showed clearly in decision after decision.

"A job well and faithfully done"?

Hell no.

Not unless you're rating what he did for Big Business in America.

Only then.

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