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Sunday, November 6, 2016

More Signs Pointing to a Hillary Clinton Rout

Yet another couple of reasons, this week, why Hillary Clinton will win the presidency on Tuesday and Donald Trump will be roundly, soundly defeated.

First, these were revealed and released this week.

US Added 161000 New Jobs In October; 

Wages Rise By 10 Cents

Check that out. More hired, more employed and higher wages for us workers.

And check out that price of gasoline, in the middle of Kansas City, from last evening.

Not just $2.00 per gallon, not just under $2.00/gallon but decidedly less than.  Fantastic.

Then check this out. I saw this last evening.

It's all the people Trump has insulted and isolated and alienated as well as all the people Hillary has working and voting for her.

The Biggest GOP Names Backing Hillary 

Clinton—So Far

And then there's the fact that Donald Trump as president actually, rather rightly, scares plenty of Republicans and Right Wingers.

And then, keep in mind, the people with money, the people from Wall Street are also against this guy.

I tell you, folks, it's going to be an electoral slaughter.

We can't take anything for granted, of course, and we have to get out there and vote but between this kind of information and facts and the fact that Donald Trump insults so many people, including those who should be in his own base, Republicans, no less. I believe strongly we're going to see a monumental loss for Mr. Trump and his Republican Party. I think it's going to be a very Truman/Dewey election result, if not even more so.

Here's hoping.

Vote, folks! And vote blue!


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