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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Compare the Two Candidates

We're coming down to the wire, so to speak, in this far-too-long, far, far-too-expensive presidential campaign (but that's another issue). And we still have the same two candidates for the most powerful government position in the nation and world and one of them is Donald Trump.

So much, heaven knows, has been said and written about this campaign and election, of course, and rightfully so. But now, today, next Tuesday, it all comes down to these two candidates.

One of them may, may, mind you, have a problem with emails, though even that's at least questionable. The other one? Check out the list of issues this guy has. In this video, to go minute 6:17 if you can't watch the entire, brief video. It spells out beautifully, perfectly and completely the differences between the two.

As the video shows, the head of the Republican Party in Congress, Paul Ryan, can't even say their candidates name, for God's sake.

And people still support this clown? This scary, dangerous, xenophobic, racist, misogynist, deeply, provenly irresponsible, uninformed clown?

Link:    The Danger Of False Equivalence

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