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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dear America: Now That That's Over...

An open letter to America.

Dear America,

Now that that's over, now that Donald J. Trump was (soundly, roundly and decidedly) defeated in this presidential election, it's important, very important, that we all, all of us, come back to sanity and logic and kindness and intelligence and discernment and rationality and all things good and true and compassionate and back away from anything and everything he stood for.

All the racism and sexism and misogyny and bullying and emotion and every negative, ugly thing he represented.

All of it.

Let's all come back, away from the ledge of negativity and even ugliness he too often presented.

Let's all come back to civility and cooperation and working together and being Americans. Again, together.

And let's demand our government office holders do the same. No more "party first", people and "nation be damned."

It's not us vs. them.

Let's do this.

Let's work together for the benefit of all of us. For the benefit of America.  Heck, for humankind and all the world.

Let's be and stay the United States of America. No matter our political party or leanings, let's be Americans first and go from there, from our problems, together, to solutions.

Sincerely and very truly yours,

All of us.

(Note:  This was written on the afternoon of October 20, 2016, the night after the third and final presidential campaign debate).

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