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Thursday, November 10, 2016

An Open Letter to the World

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Dear Planet Earth,

We Americans are sorry.

At least, those of us who knew better, we, the educated and aware who didn't in any way vote for or support Donald J. Trump and any part of his political campaign, let alone a Trump presidency, are sorry.

We're sorry this happened.

We're sorry for you, we're certainly sorry for ourselves and for our nation.

A lot of us can still hardly believe there were enough of us who went for his misogyny and racism and ugliness and ignorance and denial of science and all that entailed, all he entails, and still voted for him. We honestly didn't think there were enough people in our nation who were not educated in college to vote for this guy.

A lot of us, myself included, are still stunned.

So honestly, we're sorry. We apologize.

We apologize for him, we apologize he was elected, heck, we apologize for legalizing bribery, calling it "campaign contributions" and then making those unlimited in quantity with our Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling a few years ago.  We know better, lots of us, but this has all gotten way, way out of control.

We're hoping intelligent, responsible people in our nation and government can help keep him in check, that they can keep him from doing even one of the deeply ignorant, scary things he described while running for this office.

So, again, citizens of our planet, please forgive us. Bear with us. Help us, even, to, again, keep him restrained. If any of your national leaders can get close to him, please, please, for the sake of the planet and all that is good, please try to talk common sense and intelligence into him. It's no small task, we know, and it's not your responsibility but this is a huge job and we likely can't go this alone.

God help us all.

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