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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Our Own Nelson-Atkins, One of the Best

We all know our Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is a fantastic facility for which we are rightly proud but it just got some national recognition, at least.

The 25 best museums in America, RANKED

Mind you, we come in at the tail end, at number 23 but, as the article states, keep in mind there are at least 35,000 museums in the nation. That's some fantastic recognition.

We should also keep in mind this isn't the first time, either. The following recognition came last December, 2015 from USA Today when they ranked the Nelson at the top spot on the list, at number 1.

Then, not to be overlooked, our own National World War I Museum made this second list, too, at number 5 so Kansas City is all over these lists and these recognitions.

Also not to be overlooked, Missouri's St. Louis City Museum, across the state, is also on this above, 2nd list at number 11.

If you haven't been to one or the other lately, by all means, go. Go and enjoy.

Have a great Labor Day Holiday, y'all.

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