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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Support NPR! Support Your Local Station!

File:National Public Radio logo.svg

For all those in the Kansas City area, if you listen to the local NPR stationKCUR 89.3 FM and aren't yet a member, PLEASE, PLEASE go here this week and give what you can. As low as $7 per month would be a huge help and very much appreciated. If you can afford more, it would be greatly, greatly appreciated. It's also tax deductible so there's that help, also.

There are so many great programs and such great local, statewide, regional, national and international coverage of news, arts, fantastic music and entertainment! (But you know that).

You can do it by check or credit card. You can also become a sustaining member and have your contribution made monthly by your credit or ATM card.

So, go, please, if you can and would and make your contribution. And thank you, in advance!

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