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Friday, September 9, 2016

Largest Employer in Missouri?

I saw this column last evening on Facebook, calling out the largest employer in each state.

The Largest Employer in Each State 

- 24/7 Wall St.

I'll get to Missouri but first, I was struck by what organization it is in Kansas. Perhaps you'll be surprised, too.

16. Kansas
> Largest employer: University of Kansas
> Employee headcount: 13,862

The University of Kansas spans five campuses and 13 schools, including the state’s only pharmacy and medicine schools. The university system employs 13,862 people. Excluding student workers, however, the headcount falls to 10,089, in line with the workforce of another major employer in the state, aviation manufacturer Spirit Aerosystems.

Now, here's the sad part.  


25. Missouri
> Largest employer: Walmart
> Employee headcount: 42,312

Walmart is the largest employer in Missouri by a considerable margin. As of March 4, 42,312 state residents worked in the retailer’s 157 locations throughout the state. The company’s presence in the state may be dwindling, however, as it closed four locations in early 2016 as part of a broader effort to focus on Supercenters and e-commerce.

Low wage paying, tax money absorbing Walmart.


How disgusting. That's an eye-opener.

But wait. There's more. It gets sadder. And more desperate and pathetic and pitiful.

As the world’s largest retailer, Walmart has an outsized impact on state labor markets. Walmart is the only company to claim the top employer spot in more than one state. In fact, the nation’s largest retailer employs the most people in 19 states.

Remember when the best middle-class jobs in America were for the auto companies and they paid a decent, living wage?

Good luck, fellow Missourians.

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