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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Harsh Truth Today on this Presidential Race

I saw this quote today, this morning, out on Facebook and had to spread it as far and wide as possible.

"Only white people have the privilege of thinking Clinton and Trump presidencies would be equally oppressive or unjust. Those of us who share characteristics with the ethnicities against whom Trump has fomented hate do not have the luxury of self-righteously dismissing Trump's overt mobilization of hate as just a superficial difference from Clinton. 

Infantile leftists, however, continue to demonstrate their skin privilege every time they utter banalities about the evils of neoliberalism and elide those into the evil represented by white nationalism."


Anonymous said...

Go ahead and let yourself be herded by the media. Sheeple.

Mo Rage said...

Besides being a coward, Anonymous, you make me laugh.