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Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Real Eric Greitens

It's clear Eric Greitens, Republican candidate for Missouri Governor this year, wants to tell one tale of  himself, that of Navy Seal, good or even  great American soldier, etc.  And that's fine. He can say anything and all he wants about himself, naturally.

But this is what his fellow Navy Seals have to say about him, in sharp contrast.

And for proof, for backup on this video, there is this, from earlier this year:

Navy SEALs claim credit for video 

critical of Greitens

I hope plenty of people will see this video. At 2:49, these actual Navy Seals point out that, and I quote, "Despite the opportunity, Greitens has never served in a Seal Platoon."

I think it's important to know this all and to get it out there to as many Missourians as possible.


John Galt said...

This video was a dirty trick by John Brunner's campaign. The only Navy SEAL to publicly associate himself with this video is Paul Holzer, Brunner's former chief of staff. The claims have been thoroughly debunked. Here is the video that sets the record straight:

Several SEALs have come out to support Greitens. Unlike the "SEALs" who put out the video you posted,these SEALs are willing to use their names:

Paul O'Neill, the man who killed Bin Laden (the attacks on Greitens' record are "sick, false and cowardly")

Rep. Ryan Zinke (Eric has earned my strongest possible endorsement. ... he never quits nor shies away from the toughest missions")

Will Guild (I've mentored and trained thousands of SEALs, and Eric was among the very best. ... His reputation is unimpeachable")

D.T. Pittelkow ("Greitens understands what duty is all about, and I am proud to call him my Teammate. God and country come first in my mind, and in Eric's too")

Drew Sheets ("He's one of the best officers I've ever worked with, and I'd still gladly take a bullet for him today. ... You [the people anonymously attacking Greitens' service] are a bunch of cowards")

Kaj Larsen (Greitens is "an extraordinary officer, a compassionate leader, a fierce warrior")

Carter Gaffney (Eric is "someone who consistently leads from the front. He has the courage of his convictions ... He's someone who has really put other people in front of himself his whole life.")

Mo Rage said...

If what you say is true, Mr. Galt,and this, from the video, isn't true, then post reliable, non-biased sources showing their claims about Mr. Greitens military career isn't so.

As for Navy Seals supporting him?

It wouldn't be a surprise if there are some who hold him in good to high regard and some who don't. The ones on either side may not necessarily cancel out the other.

What's undeniable here is that the code for Navy Seals is to be understated and not take credit for what they do, singularly. this video clearly shows that, time and again, Mr. Greitens has, if anything, been nothing but rather ravenous for self-promotion.

Mo Rage said...

At one point, early in your response video, it says "...cowardly anonymous attacks against the proud military service of an American patriot are unacceptable and un-American."

That's rich.

Apparently, it's okay if Republicans and people in the Republican Party do it to someone like John Kerry, who proudly and honorably served his country in Vietnam but once Republicans even think it's being done to one of their own, suddenly it's "unacceptable and un-American."

I hope whoever wrote this statement, above, spoke up, no, screamed loudly when it was done and being done to John Kerry.

But no. The silence was deafening.

John Galt said...

If you want a reliable, non-biased source describing Eric Greitens' military career read Charlie Mike by Joe Klein, a political columnist for Time Magazine. I don't think anyone would call Klein an apologist for the Republican Party. Klein goes into considerable detail about Greitens' service (and subsequent founding of the Mission Continues), His descriptions are consistent with what Greitens says about this service.

Greitens also cites to reliable, non-biased sources in his video: his military records. He goes document by document and quotes from his records showing that claims in the video you re-posted are false.

As to the attacks on John Kerry. First, they were not anonymous. Swift Boat veterans appeared in the commercials and used their names. Second, Greitens obviously had nothing to do with them. In fact, he was a Democrat a the time. If you are going to blame Greitens for everything any Republican has ever done, then I hope you will do the same thing for the Democrats, starting with defending slavery and continuing through segregation. Third, you lose the moral high ground to complain about John Kerry being swift-boated, when you re-post a video trying to do the same thing to Greitens. If it was wrong to do to Kerry, it is wrong to do it to Greitens. The difference is Karl Rove did it to Kerry and you are helping to do it to Greitens.

Mo Rage said...

As for the "sources" in the video?

There aren't sources. There was and is only one source, claiming Mr. Greitens and his career was stellar and it was repeated a few times, at least.

The attacks on John Kerry were abominable and people hid behind the "Swift boat Veterans" name. Mr. Kerry served and served nobly in Vietnam yet Republicans attacked him with no regard for either truth or respect for that service or the uniform. It was shameful and inexcusable.

Mr. Greitens seems to clearly deserve this attack since he, unlike Mr. Kerry, has worn his service "on his sleeve", so to speak, at TV and radio show after show. Again, the Navy Seal commitment is to secrecy and humility. Mr. Greitens has shown and been anything but. He brought this on himself, again, the opposite of Mr. Kerry.
You may neither like nor approve of it, but that's the case. And let me remind you he's running for Missouri's top government job of governor. He and all should know nothing is off limits, least of all his wearing his military service on his sleeve.

John Galt said...

Here are the sources cited in the video:

Leadership and Drug Use Thailand Memo

Fitness Report and Counseling Record (E7-06)

Navy Marine Corps CTR Theater Medical Registry Form

Greitens’ Purple Heart Citation

Greitens’ Bronze Star Citation

Former Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Richard Meyers

Former Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen

Tom Brokaw, Journalist

Multiple other SEALs and Marines who served with Greitens

As to Greitens talking about his service, did you feel the same way about Democrat Bob Kerry when he ran for office and highlighted his service as a SEAL?

For example, in this video:

or this one:

or this one:

or this one:

or this one:

Mo Rage said...

I absolutely felt the same way about Democrat John (not Bob) Kerry when he ran for office and highlighted his service as a Seal. You bet I did.

John Kerry served his nation in the military and served it, the nation, and us, nobly and, in sharp, sharp contrast to Eric Greitens, he was quiet about it, didn't "wear it on his sleeve", as Greitens has so clearly done and as he is doing and he didn't go out to make money from is as Greitens has clearly, blatantly done. Kerry also didn't go on numerous, multiple TV and radio shows, flaunting that service, either.

Mo Rage said...

I neither mentioned now, nor, at the time, followed Bob Kerrey or his career and/or what he did or said about it.

Exploiting military service for monetary gain is wrong, if not even, at times, despicable, no matter the source.

John Galt said...

I'm talking about Navy SEAL and former Nebraska democratic governor and senator Bob (not John) Kerry who talked about his service as a SEAL when he was seeking those offices. Did you say Bob (not John) Kerry was unethical for talking about his service?

John Galt said...

My point is, if your feelings are based on what Greitens has done, and not partisan politics, you should be just as critical of other navy seals who have highlighted their service and who happen to be democrats.

Mo Rage said...

First, I know about whom you're speaking and made the distinctions in my replies (John vs. Bob Kerrey).

Second, I know what your point is on this. Your point is obvious. In fact, I responded that I do think that any soldier who exploits his service--and himself--for monetary gain is wrong, no matter who they are.

I thought I made that clear. I thought I made both clear.

And it's not just "talking about" their service but, as in the case, now, of Eric Greitens, saying how outrageously fantastic he clearly is and blowing himself up (no pun intended) and advertising, grossly and blatantly, his Seal service when, again, the Seal oath is to remain quiet on it all. That you would defend Mr. Greitens, especially after his proud, honestly obnoxious videos and advertising, that anyone could or would, is disappointing. Not surprising, unfortunately, but disappointing, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for above. As an Army Vet(1969 to 1971), I have known many men who were in 'Nam. Altho, I did not go over, Greitens seems fishy.
Paul O'Neill appears to be an imposter. Most of Seal Team Six were killed when their helicopter was sabotaged by a sapper thrown grenade, or explosive device, while they were near the ground; in a place that should have been secure. Among themselves Team Six members couldn't find anyone who was in the group that "killed Bin Laden." They may have been killed because they were a threat to the Paul O'Neill/Obama narrative.
Koster is no prize for Governor either. He is connected to some of the sleaziest people in Missouri politics.

Anonymous said...

Do not know what the guy being a Navy Seal has to do with his qualifications to govern Missouri. Is he going to zip line into the Mighty 'Mo from the governor's mansion in Jeff City and strangle some big 'ol catfish hanging around on the bottom?
The commercials are over the top. However, I will give him this: they are memorable. And with the intelligence and attention span of the average voter, it might be enough.

Unknown said...

*Its Rob O'Neill...not Paul. Eric G. is not well respected with the team guys...there may be a few to support him, but they too have used their team experience to promote themselves. You dont hear from team guys by name who dont support because...well, team guys dont usually tell people they are or were team guys!!!!