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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Failed Brownback/Republican Experiment That Is Kansas Gets Yet More National Press

When your very failing and failed economic and taxation policies of and for your state cut the state's financial coffers drastically so you have to cut state spending budgets and steal money from children's funds, literally, you're bound to get some press. Bad press. We've seen it repeatedly, understandably, coming out of Kansas.

Well, they just got more today, this time from The New York Times and economist Paul Krugman.

File:Flag-map of Kansas.svg

The Time-Loop Party

...there’s the assertion that taxing the rich has terrible effects on economic growth, and conversely that tax cuts at the top can be counted on to produce an economic miracle.

This doctrine was tested more than two decades ago, when Bill Clinton raised tax rates on high incomes; Republicans predicted disaster, but what we got was the economy’s best run since the 1960s. It was tested again when George W. Bush cut taxes on the wealthy; Republicans predicted a “Bush boom,” but actually got a lackluster expansion followed by the worst slump since the Great Depression. And it got tested a third time after President Obama won re-election, and tax rates at the top went up substantially; since then we’ve gained eight million private-sector jobs.

Oh, and there’s also the spectacular failure of the Kansas experiment, where huge tax cuts have created a budget crisis without delivering any hint of the promised economic miracle.

With all this coverage of the debacle that is Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's and his Republican Party's rather large economic and governing failure, how long will it be until Kansans finally, finally wake up and vote all those people out of office over there in Topeka?

It can't be soon enough those poor things.

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