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Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Way to Help Fix America

A way to help fix America. A way forward, to Get the Big, Ugly Money Out of Our Election System and Government.  It's not the ultimate plan I'd want or that we could do by ending campaign contributions completely and making them, campaigns, only 1 or two months long by law but this would be a good--no, great--start.

You can join the group and find more about them (us) at the following links.

And this, obviously, is their YouTube channel.

We can do this. We must. And this change has to come from us. It's the only way it will change, for the good, for good, for the people. 

No one but the already-wealthy and corporations aren't for getting the legalized bribery out of our election system and government. At least on this, a large percentage of Americans agree.

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