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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pretty Incredible Kansas City and American History

Dang, Kansas City. Did you know this part of our history?

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I just ran across this on a friend's Facebook page. Once I saw this, I had to search it out so I did just that. I came up with this, quickly.

Rector, Sarah (1902–1967) 

 The Black Past: Remembered

A bit from this link:

Sarah Rector received international attention at the age of eleven when The Kansas City Star in 1913 publicized the headline, “Millions to a Negro Girl.” From that moment Rector’s life became a cauldron of misinformation, legal and financial maneuvering, and public speculation.

More here:

Remembering Sarah Rector, 

Creek Freedwoman

It was fascinating and initially sad but fortunately turned out well, overall.  Rather than copy and paste it all here, I highly recommend going to one of the article links here and reading. It's incredible Kansas City history but American history on a larger scale, too.

Additional links:

The Unlikely Baroness | This Land Press

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