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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Truth About the Democratic Candidates for President 2016

The fact is, the truth is, of the Democratic candidates for president this go 'round, for 2016, there is Bernie Sanders....    and then there is everybody else.

Senator Sanders has been fighting for most of America---the middle-, lower- and working-classes---for years and speaking up for and about us.

Everyone else in their campaigns just try to mouth more of the same things, just weaker. The best examples of this is in the front-runner, to date, Hillary Clinton, followed closely--in talking points only, not popularity--by Martin O'Malley.

Whenever I hear one of these candidates talking about supporting the middle class and fighting the wealthy gaining any more money, all I can hear is the essence of what Senator Sanders has been talking about for years and with far more conviction and original ideas.

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