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Friday, October 30, 2015

Just a Few of the Things We Need to Change in America

We have big and small issues in America now that certainly need addressing but if you just look at the following facts, it's obvious we have things we badly, sorely need to address and fix.

Just a few of them:

--Most expensive health care in the world

--Worst mortality rates, in spite of what we pay, out of the top 17 industrialized nations

--Spending more on defense, again, far and away, than any other nation in the world

--More people shot and killed by weapons, by a huge measure, than any other nation in the world

--Longest election seasons of any nation in the world

--More paid for those elections, by any measure, than any other nation

--Wages in the nation have stagnated for not just years but for many years and so,

--America's middle class is shrinking

--More paid to government representatives and candidates for office than any other nation since we legalized bribery and call it "campaign contributions

These 9 things alone show we have huge problems in our nation.

Oh, yeah, we have things we need to change. Absolutely. And we need to get started.


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