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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fantastic, Thoughtful, Generous Idea From Terrific Local Artist

Check out what Kansas City's own Michael Savage is doing. He posted this today on his Facebook page.

Took a day off…don’t know what to do?!

So I was thinking….always a dangerous thing, I know. And I thought, it’s time for a new “contest” for art! (don’t mind all the commas, not a wordsmith like someone I know)

Here it is! Every month I am going to give a piece of art work, of my choice, away, duh, to one lucky (presumptuous?) and creative person.

Now the the deal. In the wake of so much sadness and craziness these days, and I’ll leave it at that, all I ask is for you, to enter, is to take a pic or record one random act of kindness ( or more) that you yourself instigate. Don’t plan on it, let it happen naturally. I know you have to have your camera ready, but isn’t it always!? Ha! And keep it simple. Example. Help the little old lady across the street. Help change someone’s tire. Buy someone a coke or coffee, hug a sad person, put a new roll of toilet paper on the dispenser when you empty it, cook some food for a needy family, pick a worm up after a heavy rain and set him in the grass, help someone move (well maybe not go that far). Make it fun, charitable, difficult, easy….it doesn’t matter. The point is to be kindand do it with a happy face. No smile, no win. I know most of us do this already, but I think it would be cool at the end of the month to see all the great heartfelt examples captured.

I believe we can have fun and share with our friends on this site. Because you wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think we could be friends. Goofy? Yes I am, but I want to show that we as humans are good and fun and happy. Please don’t feel obliged, but do feel free at the end of each month to participate in looking at the entries, commenting and going away happier.

So….start thinking or preferably not, and just remember to keep that camera ready! And don’t try too hard….it’ll just happen. Thanks and I hope you like the idea. I’ll throw some in there too!

Oh, and if you prefer not to post on this thread (I’ll keep reminding us throughout each month). Feel free to message me. And If you win, I’ll ask you first if you want to be known. And if you don’t I’ll just describe it. Cool? Good luck MY friends. We can change the world.

Especially for free art? Sav

What a cool thing, right?

Virtually any Kansas Citian knows his work, I think, either because of him or because of his fantastic style. For instance, here's one of his takes on our own Country Club Plaza.

Kansas City is so very fortunate to have artists--and people--like Michael living and creating right here in the city. (Charlie Podrebarac, too, I think and all the others, far too many to mention).

So there you are, Kansas City! Go out there and keep doing those nice things for others. For at least a while here, once a month, you'll get a huge reward for it, too! And thank you very much, Michael!

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