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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Guns In America

Some statistics. Some facts.

America has six times as many firearm homicides as Canada, and 15 times as many as Germany.

America has 4.4 percent of the world's population, but almost half of the civilian-owned guns around the world.

This makes no sense whatever, none of it.

There is a mass shooting in America nearly every day.

States with more guns have more gun deaths.

Consistent with this, above, developed nations with more guns also have more gun homicides.

America's biggest gun problem is suicide.

And again, consistently, the states with the most guns report the most suicides.

More guns equals suicides. Reported suicides between 2001 and 2005:

Guns allow people to kill themselves much more easily.

In states with more guns, more police officers are also killed on duty.

Then there are these facts (with links).

And finally, to give us some hope, there is a great deal of support in America for gun policy proposals.

From the full article over at Vox:

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