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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Still Don't Think Obamacare is working?

For anyone still holding out that the Affordable Care Act--"Obamacare"--hasn't helped or isn't helping Americans, check this out:

And to save you the time and trouble, here are the facts:

The number of Americans without health insurance hit an all-time high in 2006. Nearly 44 million people (close to 17% of Americans) lacked even the most basic coverage, meaning they'd have to pay full price for any health treatment, from annual checkups to prescription medications.

map insured americans 2010

Today, more Americans have health insurance than ever before.
Since the Affordable Care Act went into effect, an additional 10 million people who would have previously had to pay full price for any health treatment can now afford an annual checkup, eye glasses, or birth control pills.
So here's what the number of uninsured looks like now, nationally:

map insured americans 2014
Courtesy @MetricMaps
Note that not only are far fewer Americans now uninsured but also, tragically, the most Americans are still uninsured in "red", Republican, Right Wing states.

Some people just refuse to learn. Or let someone help them.

Finally, notice the source is the Business Insider not The Huffington Post or some other Left Wing, Liberal source. Business-friendly, conservative Business Insider.

Could we stop hating on "Obamacare" and this President now?



Anonymous said...

Health care needed to change, but the way they did it was so slimy. Gutter politics. Bribes, hundreds of millions on a website that had serious problems, you cant sign up 365 days a year, people were lied to about keeping their plan.

AND I went to check out the rates...not really that affordable for a lot of people. Nobody should be penalized by the IRS for not buying it either.

This could have been done so much better, but it fell to typical politics that were promised to go away. A fresh new wave of transparency and leadership that was really just "campaign promises". I learned that there are promises, and then campaign promises. First time was Bush sr and his no new taxes.

Mo Rage said...

What matters, however, is that this is an improvement- -and a huge one- -over what we had on and for health care prior to the ACA.