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Friday, November 28, 2014

America, Where Murderous Racism Actually Pays

An additional rather horrific tragedy out of Ferguson, Missouri.

If this is true, and it looks as though it is, that Officer Darren Wilson was paid a "high six figure" amount for having an interview with ABC News:

And then this:

Then awful things can be concluded.

First, his crime did, in fact, pay. His choosing to shoot unarmed Michael Brown was, sadly, tragically and horrifically the "right" thing for him to do. Not only is he going to get away with it but it paid to do so. 

It paid.

And it's paying handsomely.

Second, it seems easy to see and believe that Officer Wilson might even feel he should have done it sooner. He could have been that much closer to wealth and retirement.

Third, what does this tell other officers of the law but that this can pay?

Not a good day for America. Not another good day for America.

Blood money, anyone?

Not only is it far less safe to be black, specifically a black, young man in America, even unarmed, but it pays whites to kill them.

Not only did Officer Darren Wilson get off with having killed a fellow American citizen, but he was well and rather hugely paid for it, too.

Michael Brown's parents just seem to be getting worse and worse news all the time.

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