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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The stupid out of Missouri's state capitol one month in

From Progress Missouri today:

We’re not even one month into the 2014 legislative session and they’ve already filed attacks on the middle class that would lower Missouri wages, unconstitutional bills to jail federal employees, 18 bills designed to restrict women’s access to reproductive healthcare and bills to stop a UN takeover of Missouri.

Now comes word that one of Birther Speaker Tim Jones' state reps has upped the ante on outrageous political shenanigans with his plans to file articles of impeachment against Gov. Nixon.

What is it with these people?

What is it with the Republicans and Right Wing and Tea Party people and maybe even some extreme Libertarians? 

Can we not work together any longer? Are we not all Missourians?  Or Kansans?  Or hell, Americans?

I ask again, can we not work together? Can we not compromise?  Ever?  Seriously?

Do we have to try to impeach EVERY leader at the top of some organization, even if they are duly, legally and even, at times, repeatedly elected to their government office, as in the case of President Obama?

First they want to "impeach Obama!", now they're wanting to go after Governor Nixon.

What kind of insanity is this?

What happened to seeing to the government? What happened to seeing to the economy? What happened to "taking care of business"?  The people's business, not just for corporations and the wealthy, anyway.

We need a jobs/infrastructure bill out of this Congress so badly right now, it's outrageous.  And they only scheduled themslves 97 work days out of the entire 365 for the entire year.  Wouldn't you love to have that job?  And all for the same pay because, hey, you're in charge of that, too.

As for Missouri, the people of this state need a newer, better, far more improved I-70 running across the state it's not remotely funny or even deniable.  The thing is narrow and small and antiquated and even dangerous. People are being killed out there on that thing it's in such need of updating.

Then, added to that, think of the business and leisure benefits we'd additionally get out of rebuilding and updating that stretch of highway.  

AND IT GOES FROM ONE SIDE OF THE STATE TO THE OTHER.  The ENTIRE STATE would benefit from its improvement for transportation as well as for the jobs, even if the jobs are temporary.  Years long, of course but not permanent, I recognize.

So we need state improvements and to work together and what are these irresponsible clowns doing down in Jeff City?

They're making paranoid, irrelevant legislation about keeping the United Nations out of our state.

Kudos, guys.  "You're doing a heckuva job there, Brownie!"

Please go here, if you would, and sign Progress Missouri's pettition to ask them to end this nonsense and get to work for the people, for the entire state.  Thank you in advance:  Stop it. Just stop it.

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