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Monday, February 3, 2014

Missouri Government gone off the rails

Seriously, the severely Right Wing Republicans in Jeff City seem to have lost it. They keep creating reasons for national headlines like this, I saw this morning:

It's as though these people have a "Jones", to defy the Federal government because, well, you know, that Kenyan/Socialist/Communist in the White House is pushing them to it.

Or something.

Apparently our state lawmakers think the state laws preempt the Federal ones, in spite of the laws and precedent of the last couple hundred years.

Then, as if these lawmakers don't make Missouri and Missourians look bad enough, this additional headline hit in the last several hours:

Herbert Smulls
  • Herbert Smulls

Check out that story:

Herbert Smulls was in the middle of a phone call discussing his attorneys’ final efforts to save his life when he was reportedly seized by prison guards, hauled into an execution chamber, and injected with a toxic cocktail of drugs. At the time of his death, an appeal was pending before the United States Supreme Court asking the justices to halt his execution. 


Remember when Missouri was a Democratic state?  Both in party and values? In the "big picture"? Remember when, besides being part of the "flyover country", Missouri was not known or called out for its looney legislators and equally crazy legislation? When, legislatively and judicially, it was a pretty boring state everyone could and did ignore?

Yeah, I miss those days.

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