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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Questions for Missouri Representative Billy Long

Having seen this from Missouri blogger The Turner Report:

Contributors buy $40000 in meals for Billy Long in 2013

It begs the question--how do you take and eat $40,000 in meals in one year?

Think about it.

With 365 days a year and 3 meals a day, that's 1095 meals per year.  For $40,000, that's $36.529 for every breakfast, lunch and dinner he had all year. 

Did he NEVER eat at home in 2013?

And how do you eat a $36.52 breakfast every morning for a year? Well, unless you're in New York City or some European city, anyway, right?

I mean, I know he's a big boy but geez.

How is he not to think, heck, to know we see he's being bought?

And keep in mind, this is just his food bill.  This is just ONE thing he got money for from the wealthy and corporations last year.

Not pretty, Billy. Not a pretty picture at all.

 Like your picture above, it surely doesn't look good.

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