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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rep. Vickie Hartzler tries to shame the President, backfires


Poor Vickie Hartzler.

The poor thing did get elected to a Missouri government office.  She just isn't that bright. This from the Columbia Tribune yesterday:

Hartzler moves flag for press conference to avoid image with Obama

So instead of somehow shaming the President--her President and ours--she ends up doing that very thing to herself.  Worse, she ends up shaming the very people who elected her. In fact, she ends up shaming the state, all Missourians.

And naturally, it went out nationally.  Here it is from ABC News:

Here's another:

So, yeah, poor Vickie Hartzler.

Worse, poor Cass County.

And poor Missouri.

Whatever you do, just don't think she is--or her followers are--racist.

Heaven forbid.

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