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Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy holidays?

From the looks of it, some of us will be getting some terrific gifts this holiday season, if even just in the way of holiday movies.

They aren't about beautiful, functioning, happy families, without doubt, but it looks like a whole lotta' great acting and cinematography going on.

First there's Meryl Streep's new movie:

She just doesn't look like the quiet, soft-spoken, beautiful, intelligent,sophisticated Meryl we know but it surely does look like some great acting, as usual, from her.  And check out that cast--besides Ms. Streep, there's Julia Roberts, Ewan McGregor (who I couldn't even recognize), Sam Shepard, Chris Cooper, Juliette Lewis, Dermot Mulroney and more. It's loaded with talent.

Then there's the very Bruce Dern-looking, new Bruce Dern movie, "Nebraska."

I read an interview of Mr. Dern and he said he didn't like being typecast as the crazy, old coot in movies yet he chose this role and movie and pursued it doggedly.

Sorry, Mr. Dern, your sure come across very much the crazy old coot, for sure, as this seems to show.

And as for the state of Nebraska, it's as I said a week or so ago on, when I first saw the trailer for this film, it's surely not going to do anything good for their tourism, that much seems true.

I think it's interesting that both these films, so full of promise, are apparently about extremely dysfunctional families.

I wonder what that says about us?

So there you go, folks.  Some possible great movie viewing for us this Christmas.

May you have very happy holidays.

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