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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kudos, America

Notes on an election:

--It's reassuring and encouraging, both, that the people have, in this case, overcome the big money and the big money people in yesterday's elections;

--We need the Republicans and Right Wing and Conservatives and Libertarians to now begin to work together, with the rest of the nation and yes, with the Democrats, for the betterment of the entire nation. It can't happen too soon;

--We need to entire Congress to also, now, begin immediately to work on fixing this "fiscal cliff" they both created and are bringing the nation too close to. We shouldn't be in this position, they created it, as I said and only they can take us away from this situation;

--We need to kill campaign contributions in the nation, for our election system so we get the big, ugly, corrupting money out of our elections so the wealthy and corporations can no longer buy our representatives, their legislation and so, finally, our laws and government;

--The Republicans need to end, once and for all, their work for keeping Americans from voting with all their voter ID laws, etc. This election should put an end to all that;

--We get to keep our healthcare reform, thank goodness.

--The Koch brothers were defeated last evening;

--Karl Rove and his PAC groups were soundly, roundly defeated last night, too. That's nothing but good for the nation, overall, and the working classes, middle-class, lower-classes, etc;

--It will be interesting to see, now, if the Republicans will finally, finally recognize that their Right Wing path of the last several years has been nothing but bad for the country and bad, too, even for them. Here's hoping they will and then strike a new, more productive course for themselves and the nation.

--Our new president-elect needs to "swing for the fences" in the next 2 years because he is, of course, a "lame duck" president since he can't be re-elected. His only strength and power will reside in this beginning of his 2nd term. He'll have the mandate from this election but it won't last that long until the next election season begins. On this list would be returning habeus corpus to the nation, closing Guantanamo Bay, killing the NDAA, declaring presidential "signing statements" officially dead and much, much more. It's th eonly time he has to do good for the nation.

--This was, ladies and gentlemen, a trouncing of the Republican Party, in a lot of different elections, specific races and issues, let it be clear;

--It was, also, a day and night of big, big wins for Democratic, Left Wing and Liberal causes, candidates and issues, let there be no doubt and it was coast to coast. Not in all races, admittedly, but in many, for sure;

--Finally, at least here, anyway, it needs to be said that we need both houses of Congress to get to work and create good, strong, sensible jobs bills and projects and programs that put America back to work but that also don't add to our national debt. It needs to be said.

Congratulations, America. You did the right thing, unequivocally.

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