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Thursday, June 14, 2012

An ugly tidalwave, hopefully not headed here

But I--a lot of us, actually--fear otherwise.

Headlines from the news in the last 24 hours:

Times-Picayune cutting half of newsroom staff (New Orleans)

Advance cuts 400 employees statewide, more than 100 from Birmingham News

Not only is this not good for the newspaper staff, of course, but it's not good for these cities and it's absolutely not good for the citizens.

The shape of things to come, I fear.

Here's hoping people all over the world will continue to read what our government representatives, our government and the corporations and wealthy of the world are doing to us so we know what to do to fight for the working man and woman of the world.

This isn't headed in a good direction, that's for sure.

It's as writer/author/historian David McCollough said, "An Uninformed Citizenry Will Be Fatal to Democracy."


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