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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"America's Most Dangerous Cities"---and we ain't on it

Yes, another new list out, this one also by Forbes Magazine and in spite of what some people--some locals, (Tony?)--might think, Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas--both, are no where on the list. (Link: By contrast, on their "Best Places for Careers and Business" list, Des Moines, IA is number two while Cedar Rapids from that same state is number 11. Also on the list are Lincoln, Nebraska at 12 and Omahama at 20. St. Loo, across the state, hits at 23. Oklahoma City gets in at 28. Even the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul gets in ahead of Kansas City at their number 34 ranking. (More: Little Rock, AR, 41, Indianapolis, IN at 43, Tulsa, OK, 46). Kansas City isn't on the list in the top 50. The good news? We're safer, maybe, than we thought. The bad? We don't coddle business enough, I guess. Link:

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