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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Could this "Baby Lisa" case get any weirder?

There are more weird things going on with this missing baby Lisa Irwin case than I can even all remember and list here today. That she even went missing in the first place is odd, to start. Then it went really looney. Why does anyone steal a middle- or lower-class couple's child at all, unless they just want their own child? (Which it wouldn't be but that's why it's odd right there at the beginning). Then, how does it happen? Did mom put Lisa to bed at 10:30--which is pretty darned late for a 6-month old but who can say?--or at 6:30 that evening--which is REALLY early? Who knows? Mom said both. Then, why would mom admit on NATIONAL TV that she was drunk? Yikes. Good move, Mom. You get kudos for honesty, anyway. Next up is, did she have 5 glasses of wine, as one TV news station reported or did she have 10? Either one doesn't sound good but that's too late--the cat's out of the proverbial bag. Then a New Yawk attorney shows up. Yeehaw. You can't have enough of those headline-grabbing, camera-lovers, can you? Then they get a LOCAL attorney, too. Great idea. Two attorneys, one local, one not. That'll work, I'm sure. Then, yesterday, the local attorney releases a brief and terse announcement, saying she quits and that she was squeezed out by Mr. New York. There's a shocker, huh? Let's see, what else have I forgotten? A Colorado man drives in because he and his wife, years ago, had a nearly identical thing happen to them. Fortunately, he really does just seem to want to be any help if he can. Oh, here's a favorite weird thing in this for me: the parents are said by the police to NOT BE COOPERATING. There's a great idea, huh? Say, if you're innocent and you want your baby back and you have no idea what happened to the child, MAYBE YOU WANNA' COOPERATE WITH THE POLICE?? COMPLETELY? Does that maybe sound like a good idea? And a lie detector test? You didn't do anything wrong, right? Right? So maybe that shouldn't be a problem? And you don't want to talk any more to the police but you want to talk to the national news media. Huh. Right now, ongoing, the parents don't want to consent to be interviewed by the police in separate interviews. Additionally, for days, now, the parents weren't letting the police interview baby Lisa's two step-brothers. Then it was on. Then they postponed even that. And keep in mind, this coming week baby Lisa will have been gone AN ENTIRE MONTH. As they said today on Yahoo! News (see link below): "It's an extraordinarily late time to be finally allowing interviews of witnesses who were in the house the night the baby is said to have disappeared." Let's review. YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG, right? You have nothing to hide, as you've said. And you don't know where your daughter is. And you want her back. Have I got all that down correctly? Uh, so WHY AREN'T YOU AND CAN'T YOU COOPERATE COMPLETELY?? Sorry, just gotta' ask. See, we aren't assuming you're guilty, understand. We just have no freaking idea where you're coming from. Get back to us on all that, will you? Please? Links:;

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