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Thursday, March 26, 2020

From Local Medical Staff on the Pandemic

The following post is copied and shared from an OBGyn on staff at the North Kansas City Hospital.

“I usually don't do long posts but during this time, I can't stay silent....

This is not just like the flu. When did you last see doctors posting to beg people to stay home or hospitals asking the public for handouts of medical equipment or the CDC having to tell healthcare works if as a last resort use a bandana! The Flu is still something to be taken seriously and kills people each year. (And more should get vaccinated). However, the Flu does not get transmitted as easily or have nearly the fatality rate of COVID19, which could kill millions. Imagine the Flu in hulk mode. It's scary and it can get scarier. You may think "I'm healthy and I'll survive this", but your loved ones may not and what if they would have survived if you just stayed home? Please stay at home and if you go outside, only go outside with those you are already living with, not your neighbors or friends because that's taking 3 steps backwards. And please consider donating blood; that's a trip worthy of leaving the house that can save others.

Doctors in other countries are having to choose between who to save and who to let die. People are dying not just because of the infection but because of lack of resources. It is a physician's nightmare to have to say "I'm sorry but I can't help because you are too old or already have too many illnesses. So we're going to just have to do comfort care so the healthier can live." You don't want that happening to your loved ones.

This isn't going to be over in 2 weeks and will take even longer with even more deaths if social isolation is not taken seriously.”

Be well, be safe out there, campers.

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