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Sunday, August 11, 2019

This Is How Insane, Obcene and Immoral Our US "Healthcare" Is-- And How Overpriced

This is how insanely expensive US healthcare is.

There is a fantastic, eye-opening article in today's Sunday New York Times that spells it all out and that every adult American should read or at least be aware of.

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This patient, this woman was flown to Mexico, to Cancun, from here in the States, Wisconsin, specifically, along with her surgeon in order to get a full knee replacement.  That's one thing. You'd think that would be crazy by itself, right? After all, we have the "best healthcare in the world." don't we?

But wait, there's more. A lot more.
  • The cost of her flight was included in all the costs and charges
  • Her doctor was also flown there for the surgery
  • Her doctor's flights down and back plus a hotel room for him were all included in these costs
  •  Her doctor was paid 3 times--3 times--what he would have earned here in the States doing the same surgery
  •  She received a check for $5000 to do it and then the kicker---
  •  It still cost less than it would have here, in country
"The hospital costs of the American medical system are so high that it made financial sense for both a highly trained orthopedist from Milwaukee and a patient from Mississippi to leave the country and meet at an upscale private Mexican hospital for the surgery."

Repeating, this is how monumentally stupid, insane, obscene and immoral our for-profit healthcare is here in America.


God, we're stupid.

I say again, we are the only, the only industrialized nation that does this, that ties health and healthcare to profit.

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