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Thursday, December 21, 2017

It's Donald Trump and the Republican Party vs the Rest of the World

When you think about this past year, with Donald Trump, President (it still depresses me), you have to recognize and accept that it's all become, yes, in fact, Donald Trump vs everyone else, vs all others, groups, individuals, everything and everybody.  Really. Think about it.

During the campaign last year and even after, it was him vs even what was supposed to be his own political party:

Trump Attacks Republicans for Giving Up 

on His Campaign

To prove my point further, once he became President, it didn't stop.

And they weren't easy attacks:

Once President, he took us, the US out of the Paris climate accord, the only nation in the world against it, suddenly.

Next, he's followed that up with his and the Republican Party's tax bill they've created, fought for and just passed yesterday.

Economists were against this latest Trump/Republican Party tax plan, for pity's sake.

Economists Say The Trump Tax Plan Will Have Disastrous Consequences

Here's a best example.

Now, today, of course, Mr. Trump and his representative at the United Nations are all going after any and all other nations that vote in that body against his bone-headed idea of making Jerusalem the capitol city of Israel.

I'm telling you, it is this man, this President (shudder) and his political party are both, all against the rest of the world. If you're not already wealthy and/or a corporation, you are not on his side, their side. He's against you. They're against you.

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