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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Vote, Kansas City! And Vote NO! On Question 1!

So today is the day, Kansas City! Get out there and vote! And make sure, on Question 1, calling for the more-than-one-billion-dollar-boondoggle, MAKE SURE you VOTE NO! Thank you, in advance!

Image result for mo rage keep calm and save kci

And just as a reminder, here are lots of reasons why we should all VOTE NO!

The 500 Million Dollar Lie About the Airport We Keep Hearing

A Less Convenient, More Congested, Extremely Expensive and Completely Unnecessary Single Terminal Airport

Every Day Now, Some New Lie About a New Airport
Why We Should VOTE NO on Question 1 Tomorrow On A New Single-Terminal Airport

Suddenly, A New Airport Is "Fiscally Responsible"

The New KCI People Are Getting Desperate

Full Court Press From the "New KCI" Folks

Now the New KCI People Are Trying to Threaten US

KCI/MCI: Still Convenient, Still Beautiful

And don't forget all these facts and statistics, folks. Our airport keeps getting MORE and yet MORE traffic, month over month, year over year, AS IT IS. As badly maintained and managed as our airport is now, by our Airport Authority, we STILL KEEP GETTING MORE PEOPLE GOING THROUGH IT. Face it, they're coming here, to Kansas City. They're not coming here for a new, gleaming airport.

KCI Passenger Growth Continued 

in November

KCI Airport Passenger Traffic Up 

for 13th Straight Month

Kansas City International Airport 

Reports 37th Consecutive Month of


If anyone wants to increase the number of people and flights coming and going at our airport, they should give money to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, not propose we build a more than one billion dollar new airport terminal.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

All in all, this vote went the same as the e-tax votes. JoCo will carry the brunt of the costs Suburbia will build a new KCI!