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Friday, November 3, 2017

Now the New KCI People Are Trying to Threaten US

From the Star yesterday:

They mean to say they have no intention or goal to keep up the place or run it well or run it right and manage it correctly?


So just because they have no plan or plans---or profess to not have any---we should vote for a more than 1 billion dollar redo at the airport?


Anyone else feel like they’re being threatened or blackmailed here besides me?

Naturally they’re going to say there’s “no plan b.” Sure they do. They want their big, new plan. I get that.

But how about, if they lose, as they should, after this vote, how about they do just that, take care of the facility, open it up, maintain it, get restaurants in, open up the restrooms, all of it? The whole thing.

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