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Friday, November 3, 2017

This Headline Hurts

So I was on Facebook, just scrolling through posts and suddenly I saw one with a headline from an article published out of the UK. This one:

Decline and fall: 

how American society unravelled

And damn.

That hurt.

That hurts.

With Trump President, I've been hoping this is just a swerve, a bump in our road to and of progress, you know? Just a brief mistake, if, yes, more than just slight.

But then, you look at the already-wealthy and corporations of the nation, firmly in control, creating more and yet more ways to shovel money their way since they own the Republican Party, at minimum. And you look at the way the NRA owns them and so, runs America, getting and keeping far too many weapons out there in the nation, on our streets. People being shot and lots killed, needlessly.

Then there's the opioid crisis, killing thousands of Americans and all because Big Pharma also has their sway with our government and so, us.

And now, this President Trump putting more and yet more science deniers in charge all over our government, in the EPA and at NASA, etc. Then putting people from the big banks in offices to support the banks and not the people, not protecting the people, you and I.

Then China has stepped up on the international politics and leadership field since there's a yawning gap of leadership with The Orange One in the White House.

I think, maybe they're right.

I still hope they're wrong but maybe we have, in fact, already begun to slike, as a nation and society and "great power."


Our best days behind us?

No longer the world's leading power and "beacof light", "beacon of hope"?


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