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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's Getting Worse for Brazil and Those Summer Olympics


I wrote this at the end of January this year:

And then this, the middle of March:

And now, things are getting just many times worse for Brazil and the possibility of their having these Olympics this year.  These are some of the latest revelations that have come out:

Check that out. This guy is a Brazilian himself and he's telling people to stay away, first. Second, he's an Olympic athlete who would normally want, of course, people to come to the Olympics but he's, again, advising people to not attend. That's pretty incredible alone.

At the same time as all this is going on, Brazil's President is in the middle of a scandal investigation she may well be impeached for and as soon as this evening and there are other people in the government, too, accused of financial wrongs.

The government has had the worst or near worst

How the Rio Olympics Could Cement 

a Brazilian Coup

The nation itself has had to warn pregnant women to stay away from these Olympics due to the Zika virus and because it's considered the epicenter of the problem and outbreak.

Brazil warns pregnant women to 

stay away from Olympics

Taking that one big, no, huge step further, there's this warning and to anyone and everyone who might attend:

Finally, as if all that weren't far and awful enough, there's the pollution of Rio and Brazil.

The athletes even have to train in the pollution, nearly unbelievably.

It's as I said. I think these are likely to be the least attended and certainly most filed Summer Olympics, in fact, Olympics, period, since likely their being begun again, all those decades ago. 

The poor people of Brazil will be made all the poorer with this, all this.

And meantime, for the Olympics overall, perhaps now the IOC will finally, finally give up taking them around the world every 4 years to different cities. It frequently ended up bankrupting cities. Perhaps they could locate it in Greece, permanently.

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