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Sunday, May 8, 2016

What They're Saying About Our Trolleys---and City

Check out this headline posted 2 days ago on The Huffington Post.

New technology offers a glimpse into what 21st-century urban life should look like.

Sure, plenty of people here will be or already are grunging about our trolleys---what they cost, heck, even that they're here but---news flash---mass transit really does make sense. They make good sense.

A note about the article, too. Not once in it do they mention our Mayor, Sly James but really, this is a big, big win for him, politically and about all other ways.

Also, it's more than just the trolleys. Much more. It's also about the computerized kiosks along the route, the lighting technology, the safety features, the wifi along the route and more.

Now let's just hope the trolleys successful. I mean, the money is spent. It's here. Love it or hate it, for it or against it, wouldn't it be better if it works, if it's successful?

Remember the song?   "Everything's up to date in...

Let's live up to it.

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